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Uber-Hardcore Turn-Based Steampunk Squad Tactics

- Conquer the super-continent of Pangea with an invasion of Airships!
- Battle Dastardly Pirate Insurgents!
- Keep the locals happy or they will be revolting!

Game Features:
- Turn-based squad tactical combat with emergent gameplay
- Hardcore or Streamline battle modes

- 2 massive strategic campaigns featuring resource, technology and population management
- Campaigns are randomized on creation for infinite replayability
- Single Battle Mode for getting straight into tactical action
- No two games the same

- 20 battlefields
- Randomized deployment on battlefields
- 5 types of environment with environmental modifiers
- 3 types of battlefield objectives
- 4 types of weather

- Enemy Ai with 11 different combat tactics
- 5 Ai campaign strategies
- 7 classes of troops, each with 4 upgrades of weapons/equipment
- Troops have unique attributes which are upgraded with experience ... if they survive combat ...

- 6 playable Steampunk factions

  • Austro-Hungarian Empire
  • British Royalists
  • Chinese Dynasty
  • Peoples Collective
  • US Republic
  • Zulu Nation

Download Free Demo (87mb)
Airship Dragoon Demo

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows.
Processor: 1.7 GHz or better.
Memory: 2GB RAM.
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c Shader 3.0 supported, Nvidia 6800 or 7300 or better, ATI Radeon X1300 or better.
DirectX: 9.0c.
Hard Disk Space: 320Mb.
Intel GPUs are not officially supported but some will work - if in doubt, try the free demo above!

Updated January 2015: Latest Version 1.6
Running an older version? Update it here:
Airship Dragoon update 1.5.2 to v1.6 Patch (36Mb)
Airship Dragoon update 1.4.8 to v1.5.2 Patch (118Mb)
Airship Dragoon update 1.4/1.4.1 to v1.4.8 Patch (146Mb)

Realism Mod Total Conversion (requires v1.6 or later)
Airship Dragoon Realism Mod (52mb)