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Airship Dragoon: Pay-What-You-Want at 14-17 December 2013

Date: 14-17th December 2013
Embargo: None, embargoes are silly

Title: "Airship Dragoon: Pay-What-You-Want at 14-17 December"

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Between the 14th and 17th of December, will be hosting a pay-what-you-want sale of the indie game; "Airship Dragoon".
Airship Dragoon is a 3D turn-based, steampunk, global strategy and squad tactics indie game, in the manner of Julian Gollop's classic UFO/X-Com and Laser Squad.
It features massive campaigns, heavy randomization/procedural generation and emergent gameplay for infinite replayability.

Pay over the average and get a bonus package of 50% more battlefields which are not available anywhere else.
10% of all proceeds will be donated to the charity "Help For Heroes", who deal with rehabilitating physically and mentally wounded service personel.

Airship Dragoon is the creation of YorkshireRifles ... who is actually just one self taught coder and modeler, who after flaking out in an interview to work as a gameplay scripter on Call of Duty many years ago, decided to go down the indie development route from his bedroom.
Airship Dragoon is currently Windows only but there are hopes for a Linux version in the future, some time after the planned release of mod tools in January 2013.

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One bloke ... in his bedroom ... making indie games

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